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  • Being aware of the everyday risks involved to ownship and installations whilst working alongside an installation
  • Being able to make an effective response to ship or installation emergencies when they develop
  • Being aware of the environmental factors and how they will effect ownship
  • Effective communication skills between ownship’s staff and installation staff.


This 3 day course is intended for experienced Masters and Mates who are involved in manoeuvring vessels alongside an offshore installation and is designed to raise the level of risk awareness by the personnel operating in the offshore industry.

This course is in place to reduce the potentially dangerous circumstances that occur in the vicinity of the installations and to make the Master consider possible incidents and how they should be successfully tackled, before they actually occur in the work place.

Course content: During the course participants should be able to show competence in:

  • Setting up the vessel to work cargo alongside an installation
  • Holding position within acceptable limits whilst working cargo
  • Safely leaving an installation after working cargo
  • Safely move from one side to another of an installation

Participants should be experienced Masters or Mates actively involved in manoeuvring their vessel in the vicinity of offshore platforms and rigs.


The course leads to a college certificate of competency in Offshore Bridge Simulation, meeting the appropriate assessment requirements as agreed by the North Sea Safety Forum.


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